You can create and send daily diaries, post photos and videos to the parents' timeline, chat on the go and more with Cheqdin's Notebook App.

1. Create logins to access the Notebook App

Head to Centre Settings > Member Access Control > Create a 'Member' profile 

You can create multiple profiles here.


If you do not want your staff to access the Notebook app on their personal devices, make sure you do not email the logins to them. Consider creating an additional team member entry with an email account that belongs to the centre.

For more information, see article: 

How to prevent your staff from accessing the Notebook app on their personal devices?

2. Check access for the member profiles created

Edit the 'room(s)' to make sure the staff member is added to the rooms to which they need access.


The team members added will only have access to the rooms they are allotted to, i.e. they can only view the children in the rooms/classes for which you grant them access

3. Send login details

From the member access control, trigger a welcome email to access the Notebook App by clicking on the member profile & the email icon

4. Download the Notebook App

  1. Download the 'Notebook by Cheqdin' app from the app stores
  2. Log in to the app using the 'I'm a Staff' option using the logins you received (step 3)

5. Send daily dairies, share photos/videos, chat with parents and more

6. Watch Video - How to update daily dairies in the Notebook App