In this article, we'll discuss steps you need to take to enable the new welcome and thank you page design features of CheqForm. 


This applies only if you were an existing customer of Cheqdin prior to 10th July 2021.

If you signed up for Cheqdin after this date, then you are not required to do this as the design page features for our new welcome and thank you pages are automatically activated for newer customers (all accounts created on or after the 10th of July 2021).

To enable Design Page - Welcome and Thank You Page Features: 

1. Go to 'Registration Forms'

2. Select your registration form and click on the ellipses button '...'

3. Click on 'Form Settings'

4. Toggle the option 'Enable Welcome and Thank You Pages'

5. Click on 'Save Settings'

Once you've enabled welcome and thank you pages, go back to your registration form and click on it to open the form in editing mode. Click on the 'Step 2 - Design Page' menu at the top of the page. Here you can start editing your welcome and thank you page settings.  

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