There are two introduction documents you can share with parents/ carers. One document is a PDF one-pager that acts as a quick start guide for parents with essential and need to know information on how to get started. The other is a detailed customisable PowerPoint presentation that explains things in more detail. Here we'll take a look at the full introduction PowerPoint presentation.

If you're looking for a one-page quick start guide for parents, please refer to this help article:

A Parents Guide to Cheqdin - Quick Start Guide for Parents and Carers

Using the full intro PowerPoint presentation template you can also add your logo and centre details etc to make it more personalised to your centre. 

Download the below template to edit it. Be sure to upload your centre's logo and contact information before you distribute it to your customers. You may delete or edit pages/features applicable to your centre. Once you've made the necessary changes to the PowerPoint presentation, we recommend that you save the presentation as a PDF document for onward dissemination to parents. This would ensure that no unauthorised changes or editing of the document occurs.