It's always a good idea to give parents and carers a headsup  announcing your new partnership with Cheqdin and how they can make the best out of their all new parent communication tool. We recommend that, as an introduction, you email parents/ carers informing them on what to expect and more importantly how to get started as a parent.

For emailing parents/ carers, feel free to use our 'E-mail Invite for Parents' template. Download the email template word document below. Be sure to update your centres contact details in the email template prior to hitting that 'Send' button. You can also use your own email template if you wish to do so.

You may also want to send an additional document introducing Cheqdin. Please refer the following help articles:
A Parents Guide to Cheqdin - Quick Start Guide for Parents and Carers

Cheqdin for Parents and Carers - Powerpoint Presentation | Full Intro