Welcome to Cheqdin

Getting started with our free plan is easy, in this article you'll learn how to set up and use Cheqdin. 

Whether you're the first person at your organisation to sign up or someone on a team already using Cheqdin, this article will teach you the fastest way to get the most value out of Cheqdin and how to use the key features. 

It won't explain everything (that's why we have several sections that cover topics in detail) but we will cover the basics to help you start using Cheqdin the best way; right away. We have divided the set-up into 5 parts, some are optional but we highly recommend that you follow the set-up sequence as shown below. 

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Part 1: Set up the registration form for your centre - 5 minutes

Part 2: Define centre settings – 30 minutes

Part 3: Set up Online Bookings – 15 minutes (Optional)

Part 4: Set up Billing & Invoicing  30 minutes (Optional)

Part 5: Invite Parents and Carers 

Still got questions?  

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