Centre Settings - Updating booking schedule for contract sessions

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Now that you've updated the 'products' you offer and the days you operate in a year, it's time to update booking schedules (booking calendar) for students at your setting.


Remember to keep all students' session details handy before you begin.

Option 1: Add the booking schedule of each child individually

1. Go to 'Centre Settings'.

2. Click 'Schedule'. 

3. Click on the name of the student for whom you would like to update the contracted booking schedule.

4. The booking schedule page for the student will look like below with a view of all sessions that the student is booked into. The default view will show 'All' sessions. You must select the product name to book a student into a contracted session. 

5. In this example, let's try to book Morning for Monday, Tuesday and Afternoon sessions for Wednesdays.

When you click on the contracted session called 'Morning', the system will display the bookable days updated for that session. Select Mondays and Tuesdays and click on 'Save'.

6. Repeat the steps for updating Wednesdays for the Afternoon session. Remember we're doing this as an example, so your days/dates would be different. Once you have updated Wednesdays for the Afternoon sessions, it will look like the example shown below.

Once the sessions are saved, you'll find the booked dates are automatically colour-coded and highlighted in the calendar for your easy reference. 

7. Repeat the steps for each student in your register.

We will pull out the booking details from this calendar and auto-fill the sign-in sheets (live registers) on your Cheqdin/Notebook mobile apps every day. The same information will be used in the 'contracted booking' rule for rules-based invoicing.


Please note that you are unable to update ad hoc bookings on this page. This page is only for viewing ad hoc bookings if any exist. To create an ad hoc booking, please visit the online booking dashboard and select "add booking," or share the online booking link with parents so they can make their own booking.

Option 2: Add the booking details of multiple students in a room.

1. Go to 'Centre Settings'.

2. Click 'Schedule. 

3. Click on 'Student Schedule'.

4. Select a room for which you would like to update group bookings.

5. Select students with similar booking patterns to start with by clicking on their names 

6. Select the session you want to book students in

7. Click on the days the students will be attending your setting for the selected session.

8. Click on 'Save'

Repeat the steps if required.

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