Before you start using Notebook App

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Depending on your required features, you can choose to use the Cheqdin App or Notebook App.

Similar to the Cheqdin app, to be able to use the Notebook App, there are some steps in the portal that you will have to set up and complete first. If you don’t set up the below steps, you won’t be able to use the Notebook app as intended. Most of the steps listed below can be found under your web portal's 'Centre Settings' section. 


Step 1: Add Age Groups


Add in the Age Groups for your centre based on your business model. 





Step 2: Member Access Control


Please note that to sign in-out children via the notebook app, you will need to use the 'Staff Login' option. If you are an admin and want to sign in-out children, then you can create access for yourself in the 'Member Access Control' as a staff member. 

For instance, if your admin (centre or main account) email address is thecompany@example.com, then you can use the same email address to create a staff login in the 'Member Access Control'. Be sure to give 'Full Access' since you are an administrator using the staff login option.  

Additionally, if you want other staff members to access notebook apps, you can add them here and assign appropriate access according to their staff role. If you or the staff want to perform tasks such as sign-in-out of the children, mark absentee etc, you can use your own individual secure 4-digit PIN number for these purposes.




Step 3: Assign Staff Access to each Room/Class


You will be required to create at least one room/class, where you will enter the max capacity of children per session and the staff-to-children ratio. You will need to ensure that under the “staff section”, you enter the name of the staff with access to which rooms. If you don’t enter in the correct names of the staff to whom you wish to assign access to a particular room/class, they won’t be able to perform any tasks related to that room or class.






Step 4: Update Your Financial Year, Pricing and Closure Days


In this step, you will have to enter/create a 'Financial Year' that applies to your centre. Additionally, you can update other settings such as 'Closure Days' for your centre, 'Term Time' if applicable, 'Products' (also referred to as sessions) and 'Pricing'. 

Updating closure days and pricing for each session is optional. 




Step 5: Adding and Enrolling Children into the Children's Register


You must make sure that you have children registered and enrolled into the centre. If there are no children present, you won’t be able to use the Notebook app. There are multiple ways to enrol children, please click on the links below, which will provide you with further details on each method:

Different ways to enrol children | Option A: Using Registrations Link

Different ways to enrol children | Option B: Using Children's Register

Different ways to enrol children | Option C: Using Bookings Link

Step 6: Updating Booking Details 

Update the 'Booking Details' section. If there are no bookings for the children, you will not be able to sign in or out children or mark them as absent.

For more information on Booking Details, please see the help article: 

Centre Settings - Booking Details for Contract Sessions

Using the Notebook App: 

Once all the above steps are complete, you can download the Notebook App from the Apple app store/ Google play store and start using the app. 

To download the app, search for “Notebook by Cheqdin” in the apple app store or google play store. You can use the same login credentials (username and password) that you use for logging in to your online web portal.


Once logged in, staff can use the 4-digit PIN that they are assigned to perform the tasks. (Check-in-out, bulk sign-in-out, marking absentees, staff sign-in-out etc.)

You can find the staff’s 4-digit PIN via the 'Member Access Control' section under 'Centre Settings'. 

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