Centre Settings - How to add Age Groups and Room/Class?

Modified on Mon, 18 Mar 2024 at 02:21 PM

Define the age groups as per the rooms/classes allocated at your setting.

To Add Age Groups

1. Go to 'Centre Settings' > 'Room/Class'

2. Click 'Add Room'.

3. Enter room name/class name

4. Next to the tab 'Age Group', click on the '+ Add' button to create a new age group or select from the existing age groups if age groups have already been defined or created previously.

Age groups should always be defined as per the 'Staff to Student Ratio' for each room/class in your setting.

Example 1: Baby room with 1 month - 2 years age group having a staff-to-student ratio of 1:3.

Example 2: Afterschool Club, you can call it Afterschool Room, with age group 5 years to 11 years and having staff to student ratio of 1: 8.

If you have a centre or setting that hosts mixed age groups in a single room/class, then you should toggle the mixed age groups setting to ON. The default setting is OFF as the majority of childcare centres do not operate with mixed age groups in a single room, and they would have dedicated staff-to-student ratio models to comply with. 

Please contact support@cheqdin.com if you need assistance to identify what room/class model works best for your setting.

4. Select staff or add staff to whom you would like to give access to the room/class.

5. Enter the Max capacity of the room/class. This is used for calculating the occupancy % of the room.

6. Update the staff-to-student ratio, i.e., the number of students permitted per staff member for the specified age group in the room/class.

7. Click 'Save'.

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