IMPORTANT: You have to complete the 'centre settings' in your web portal to download and start using our free mobile apps on your centre's tablet/ mobile devices. If settings have not been completed, you won't be able to use the apps as the basic centre settings are incomplete.


Our Apps (The Cheqdin App and the Notebook App), serve different purposes and come with separate 'login sections' and features for you (the centre), your staff and parents. The details you enter in your web portal will be automatically synced to the apps.


The Notebook app (staff login) will help you do the following:

1. Sign-in/out children

2.  Clock-in/out staff

3. Mark Absence

4. Record and share photos, videos, daily diaries and reports. 

5. Access Instant Messenger and Chat.




Downloading the Apps

1. Head to the app store on your smartphone or tablet.

2. We have two apps, so you need to install them individually. 

3. Search the app store by using the keyword 'Cheqdin' followed by 'Notebook by Cheqdin'.

4. Install the apps and log in.

Please see our system requirements for more info.