How to sign in or sign out students using the Cheqdin App?

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Prior to signing in or out, complete the 'Centre Settings', please make sure that there are students scheduled (booked) in the calendar. 

In this article, we'll take you through steps on how to sign in students using the Cheqdin App

Step 1: Before you try to sign in the student(s), please make sure that your bookings are updated for the students in the 'Centre Settings' > 'Schedule/Rota' section. Or else you must have received online bookings directly from parents for the day you're trying to sign in the student, i.e., you will be able to sign in the students only if there are bookings for the day. 

Note: If you do not have any bookings for the day, you will be unable to sign in students. This is because Cheqdin auto-populates live daily registers based on your booking Schedule.

There are two ways in which the Schedule/Rota can be updated:

1. Contracted (Regular/Offline) bookings: This refers to a contract or regular sessions which are manually updated by the centre. 

2. Ad hoc/Online Bookings: This refers to all ad hoc or online bookings that are submitted by parents using your online bookings link. It's important to note that all online bookings are auto-approved based on your occupancy calendar and auto-synced to your booking details and students' daily registers. Additionally, the centre can also manually add in bookings that are Ad Hoc in nature. Ad hoc bookings can be bookings that are made by both centres and parents.  

Hence, the booking 'Schedule' section contains all types of bookings (made by the centre or parent) added to a student's profile.

Step 2: In your Cheqdin App, click on the 'Centre Login' option. You can use the same login credentials that you use to log in to the Cheqdin web portal.

Step 3: With Cheqdin, you have the choice to make parents do the sign-in-out or have staff perform bulk sign-in-out on behalf of the centre.

Option 1: Select the 'Bulk Sign In-Out' option to quickly sign in-out all the students in one go. 

- or - 

Option 2: If you would like parents to sign their children in and out using their designated PIN numbers, you can choose to use the Kiosk mode. This involves loading the Cheqdin App onto a tablet or smartphone and displaying it at the reception of your centre. Parents can then simply enter their PIN number and use the Children Sign in Out option. They can digitally sign it during pick up or drop off. The parent PIN can be found in the 'Parent Communication' > 'Parent Access Control'. If you want to send the PINs to parents, click select the parent details and click on the 'Send PIN' icon.

Tip: The PIN number to sign in-out students can be found in the 'Centre settings' > 'Staff' section. Click on 'Reveal' to see the PIN assigned to each member of staff.  

Step 4: To continue Bulk Signing in-out students, enter your PIN Number in the Bulk Sign-in-out selection screen, and you will be able to see the full list of students booked in for the day. You can then digitally sign and submit. 

All sign-in-out reports can be viewed from Reporting > Check In-Out

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