If you did not sign out a child from a previous session, you can do the following to sign them out:

1. Bulk Sign in-out: You can perform a bulk sign in-out of the child(ren) from the Cheqdin mobile app. Remember that the sign in-out time captured by the system will be the time that you performed the bulk sign-in out action and not the time the child(ren) actually signed in or out of your centre.

- Or -

2. Manually edit the check-out time:  To do this, you'll need to head to the web portal (centre login). We recommend you to go for this option as you can enter the accurate sign-out time. Please follow the below steps to perform manual sign out of children from the web portal:

  • Head to Children's Register > Show/Hide Columns
  • Click on Attendance History
  • Click on the View option on the child that was not signed out. (i.e with the green dot)

  • Click on the Action button and manually update the sign-out date/time and save the entry to sign-out the child.