How to monitor and update staff clock in-out?

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Childcare centres use our staff clock in-out function to manage the sign in and sign out times for staff. In some regions, this is also used for payroll purposes hence it is recommended to ask staff to perform clock in-out regularly to keep the real-time information for your centre up to date and accurate. 

On 'My Dashboard' in the web portal, you can see a live clock-in counter that gives you the real-time status of staff signed in to the system at any given point in time.

At the end of your business day/ close of business, the number displayed on your dashboard (for staff clocked in) should be zero, which means all staff are clocked out of the system. If a staff member did not sign out on the day, a number (showing the number of staff that did not sign out) would be shown on the dashboard.

How can I view details of staff that have not clocked out (signed out)?

To view staff clock in-out status and more details: 

  • Head to My Dashboard > Click on Live Clocked-In Status

The clocked-in status screen will display the real-time information of all staff clock in-out records for the day along with the timings when sign in-out was performed. Use the calendar icon to select any day to display results. 


If a staff has not signed out, you will see a dash next to the staff name / check out time record. A blank check out record indicates that the system does not have a sign out time registered for the staff, which means the staff is still under signed-in status. As the centre admin, you can manually sign out staff members via the Cheqdin app but you'll require their PIN number to do this. 

Where can I find staff PIN numbers? 

Apart from staff members themselves, centre admins can manually sign in-out staff members via the Cheqdin App admin login. Before you sign in-out a member of staff via the app, you'll require their secure PIN number first.  

Here's how to view the PIN number assigned to your staff:

  • Go to 'Centre Settings'
  • Click on 'Member Access Control'
  • The unique PIN number for each staff will be displayed next to their name

How to sign out staff via Cheqdin App Admin login? 

  1. Make sure you're logged into the Cheqdin app as the centre admin. 
  2. Select 'Staff Clock In-Out' option.
  3. Enter the PIN number for the staff who you wish to sign out of the system.
  4. Digitally sign as admin
  5. Click on 'Check Out'
  6. You'll see a confirmation that the staff has been signed out successfully.  

If you have multiple staff that are not signed out, repeat the above steps. Once done, your live clocked-in counter for staff will be updated by the system automatically. If you wish to verify whether staff has been signed out of the system, go back to your web portal 'My Dashboard' to view the live clocked-in counter status. 


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