Every childcare centre generates a large amount of digital records through Cheqdin. For your peace of mind, we perform regular backups, however, we store older records for a limited period of time depending on your regions data retention regulations and standards. 

We highly recommend that in addition to having your data in the cloud, download and save these essential reports to your local systems so that you'd still access to records further down the line. 

You own your data. When you download and save reports to any external device please make sure you are storing them in secure locations with limited or restricted access for data security purposes.

Before you start saving records locally to your systems, here are five crucial record management best practices that you should follow: 

  1. Control storage and access
  2. Be aware of data retention and disposal procedures applicable to your setting/region
  3. Record, track and monitor movement or storage of records - Barcoding or Excel tracker
  4. Destroy and/or delete 
  5. Outsource records management where possible (For larger groups or chains)

Monthly Downloadables

Here are few reports which we recommend you create folders by month/year and save records in your local systems. Where possible organise monthly/yearly folders into master folders so that your record keeping stays organised and consistent.    

We recommend you keep local records of the following: 

  Check-In Report (My Dashboard > Check In Out)

 Attendance Report (My Dashboard > Attendance)

  Staff Clock In Out Report (My Dashboard > Staff Clock In-Out)

   Late Tracking (My Dashboard > Late Tracking)


 Booking Details (My Dashboard > Manage Booking)


  •  Sessions Summary (My Dashboard > Sessions Summary)

  •  Enrolled Children's Details (My Dashboard > Children's Register)

 Staff Details (My Dashboard >Staff Register) 

  Registrations (Registration Dashboard)

  Enquiries (Registrations > Enquiries)

 Online Bookings (Online Booking Dashboard)


All Transactions ( Billing > All Transactions)


Financial Year > Products > Pricing 

Daily Downloadables:

Accident/Incident Reports


 Daily Diaries ( Notebook> Daily Diaries)

Other downloadables files available at  child level:

Registration Dash > View Records > Save as Pdf

  •  Billing > Sent invoices > Click on Invoice Number to download