Cheqdin's 'occupancy planner' is automatically set up based on the information you update in your 'centre settings'. The system will look at the following and calculate your 'occupancy percentage':

  • The max capacity of each room
  • Staff to children ratio
  • Session timings and availability
  • Children booked
  • Sessions blocked 

You can get a full overview of the daily and monthly occupancy percentage of each room in the 'occupancy planner' on the sidebar of your portal's home page.

Updating available places on your online bookings platform

If you do not have an occupancy of 100% on a day (that is, you are not fully booked on a day), we will automatically work out your 'net free capacity' and update the free places as 'available' on your online bookings platform. 

Now, what do you do if any of your staff is off sick on a day?

If you think you will need to cut down the number of available places because of staff unavailability (or any other reason), you can block the spaces from your occupancy planner and they will no longer be displayed as 'available' to your customers. You can always come back and 'unblock' the spaces if you need to make them available again.