There are three ways the children and parents' details can be added to your Cheqdin children's register:

1. You can manually add in each child's details through the 'Children's Register'. 

2. You can do a 'Bulk Upload' of all the children's details through the 'Children's Register.

3. Automatically sync the details from the online registration forms submitted by the parents through your Cheqdin registration/bookings platform.

Adding children 'Individually' through your dashboard:

1. Go to your Dashboard.

2. Click on Centre Settings.

3. Go to 'Children's Register.'

4. Click on the + icon to add each child's details.

5. Save and Repeat.

Adding children through 'Bulk Upload':

1. Click on the icon for bulk upload.

2. Download the CSV template using the link provided and follow the instructions provided.

3. Copy or type the data into the template as directed.

4. Save.

5. Click on 'Choose File' to select the file from its saved location.

6. Click 'Upload'.

Auto-Sync children's details from your Online Registrations Platform:

Once you start using our online registrations platform, all the children's and parents details will be automatically synced to your register when they finish their enrolment process. 

So, if a child who was on the waiting list is offered a place, just remember to go to your Registration dashboard and update the status of the child to 'Enrolled'. And, we will automatically pull out the children's details from the forms and update them in your Children's Register.