Once you've created an account using the 'Set up Now' option, you will receive an email from GoCardless (our direct debit payments provider) with instructions on how to activate your account and verify your bank details. Please refer to Step 2 - 'Online Direct Debit & Automated Payments' for more information on this. 


Step 1: Verify your GoCardless for Cheqdin Account

To start the verification process, click on the 'Click here to get verified' link in the email from GoCardless and follow the instructions to complete verification.  


Step 2: Confirm Bank Account Details (Payout Account)

Login to your GoCardless Account and update your bank account details. Once you've added your bank account details, GoCardless will request you to make a small payment from your account. It is important to note that the bank account you add should be the account that you wish to receive your payouts into (the account you wish to receive payments from your bill payers).