Accept Partial or Full Payments via Direct Debit with GoCardless for Cheqdin

Unlike conventional direct debit, with GoCardless for Cheqdin, you can accept part payments (any amount) or full payments. In this article, we'll give you a brief overview of how online direct debit payments with GoCardless work. 

Create GoCardless Account

If you have an existing GoCardless account you can use the same or simply create a new one. It is important to note that parents and carers who make payments via direct debit are not required to have a GoCardless account.

Send Direct Debit Mandates to Parents and Carers

Send out direct debit mandates to parents and carers direct from your Cheqdin billing dashboard. When parents and carers set up a direct debit you'll be able to see setup complete status on your dashboard. 

When making a payment, if your customers have payment arrears or use alternate payment methods like voucher payments/others, they can enter an amount that they wish to make a payment for using the ‘Pay Now’ button.