Your customers can click on your 'bookings link' to book sessions with you online. Similar to your registration link, you can share your bookings link with your customers via:

  • Email
  • Whatsapp
  • Messages
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Or you can embed the link as a 'Book Now' button on your website and invite parents to make their bookings directly from your site.

Sharing your bookings link on social media:

1. Look for social media icons under your bookings link on the 'Publish Link' page.

2. Click the platform you want to share it on.

3. To share on platforms that are not displayed (iMessage, WhatsApp, etc) copy the link and post directly to the chosen platform.

When you set up your online bookings link,  remember to 'allow indexing' for the link. This will allow search engines to discover your link easily and display it in search results - increasing your online visibility.

How do you allow indexing?

1. Go to your Online Bookings Dashboard.

2. Click on the Edit Form icon.

3. Click Publish Link.

4. Press 'Edit' in the box for Meta Preview.

5. Slide the 'Allow Indexing' button to the right.