The final step in the registration form creation process is to publish and share your form. To publish your registration form, open the form that you wish to publish and go to Step 3 - Share Form. 

Previewing Your Registration Form: 

You can preview your registration form any time by clicking on the 'View My Form' button.

Prior to publishing your form, be sure to check that your registration form fields are updated. Once you've completed making any changes, if required, you can now publish the form.  

Publishing Your Registration Form: 

Once you've reviewed the form and are happy to make it live, you can publish it. To publish your form, click on the 'Publish Form' button. 

You can now share your registration form anywhere. To copy your unique registration link click on the 'Copy' button and share it. 

Sharing Your Registration Form: 

Once you've published the form, you can now share it. 

There are many ways in which you can share your registration form, please click on the articles below to learn more: 

How to embed the Registration form as a button on my website?

How do I share the link to my registration form on social media?

Updating your Meta Description and Indexing: 

We want your registration form to reach as many customers as possible. To ensure more reachability and higher visibility for your link, we recommend that you update the meta description for your form. 

A meta description is a short summary that your customers will see next to your link when you share it. Indexing is the process of letting search engines such as Google, Bing etc know about your registration form. 

To learn more about indexing and meta description, please refer to the article:

The Best Ways to Showcase Your CheqForm