What is PayPal? What are the advantages of accepting online payments via PayPal?

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If you're a consumer or business owner, you've no doubt heard of PayPal. You may have used it a few times as a consumer or business when making purchases from other websites. But now that you're looking to accept payments for your business, you may be curious about what the popular platform has to offer as a payment system. If you're new to PayPal, signing up for a PayPal business account is free and easy.   

In this article, we will cover what PayPal is, but in case you're not familiar with payment gateways in general, here are their typical functions and attributes: 

  1. Payment gateways enable online payments for goods and services. 
  2. They provide a way for individuals and businesses to send or request money. 
  3. They provide different levels of payment options, protection and security for online financial transactions.
  4. They charge a fixed or variable fee for their services usually known as payment processing fees or transaction fees.   

What is PayPal? 

PayPal is a well-known digital payments platform used by businesses and consumers alike to conduct financial transactions around the world via the web, mobile apps, in stores etc. 

For more information, please visit the official PayPal website: 


Why use PayPal? 

With over 20 years of experience, PayPal is a trusted and widely-used payment gateway with 360+ million active users across 200+ markets and 100+ currencies.

We mentioned that PayPal has a lot of active users (more than 360 million). That’s a lot of people who use the service. They already have their information — bank accounts, debit and credit cards, etc. — set up on their account, which saves them time while making a payment for a business that accepts PayPal payments.

The best part is that parents and carers who wish to make a payment to your centre do not have to manually enter payment details every time they make a booking. They can simply use their PayPal account to make a payment without entering any card details when confirming the booking. Even if a parent does not have a PayPal account, they can still make an online payment for your centre using a debit or credit card by using the 'Pay with Debit or Credit card' payment option.  

To learn more about how this works for your customers, please see the help article: 

What do booking screens with online card payment options look like? - Parent View

Need help setting up PayPal Payments? 

Email us at support@cheqdin.com

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