Childcare centres can log accidents and incidents using Cheqdin's Accident and Incident Reports and share them with parents right away.

To create an Accident/Incident Report:

1. Go to 'My Dashboard'

2. Click on 'Accident/Incident Report'

3. Click on the icon 'Add Report'

4. Enter the relevant details and click 'Submit'. 

Parents will receive an email and a mobile push notification stating an Accident/Incident report has been published for their child. 

Only the following details  will be shared with the parents:

 Event Type, Date & Time, Location, Description, Care Given & Other comments if any


You can download, view or print the report once it's published.


Before you click on submit, ensure all relevant details have been updated. 

Once a report has been published, and is edited later; the previous notification sent to the parents get updated automatically. A second email won't be triggered when using the 'Edit and Save' option.


Here's an example of the mobile push notifications the parents/carers will receive when a report is published:


Below is an example of the email sent to the registered email address of the parent: