Our Notebook app lets you record daily activities and observations with your centre's smartphone or tablet and send the daily reports to parents with the touch of a button. The app also gives you a super easy platform to retrieve reports and track the progress of each child

The 'Daily Diaries' will help you record the following and share reports with parents instantly or publish the reports later when you get the time: 

  • Meals - Update your meal planner/menu from the web portal and all the items in your menu will be auto-populated in our app, letting your staff select the option for the day quickly. You can also enter menu-items manually. 

  • Nap - Record nap times. 

  • Mood - Select the little one's mood for the day from our list of emoticons.

  • Toilet - Record nappy changes or change of clothes. 

  • Reminders - Send reminders to parents for supplies needed or anything that require their attention. 

  • Activity - Record play/activity

To update daily diaries, use the 'I'm a Staff' option under the 'Centre Login' tab on the Notebook app. All the published daily reports can be accessed and downloadad from your web portal.