Managing Tags for Easy Filtering or Grouping Children

Modified on Mon, 24 Oct 2022 at 07:16 PM

Tags can be an extremely useful tool when filtering for a particular group of children. This works especially well if your centre has a larger number of children or children with specific needs or schedules in the system.

You can create tags to categorise children into different groups, activities etc. See How to Create Tags section for more information on this. 

Some examples of tags commonly used by nurseries and after school care programs are: 

  • Funding hours (30 or 15 hours) 
  • Name of School  
  • Music class
  • Name of activity club 
  • Allergies 

You can create as many custom tags as you like. A child can have multiple tags assigned. It is recommended to keep tag names short. 

Below are some use cases for ‘tags’ which will help you quickly filter children according to tags assigned to them. 


Using Tags in Invoicing (Rules-Based Invoicing)

Create invoicing rules as per tags. For example, create a rule for children with 30 Hours funding and another rule for children for Gymnastics Club. Tags will make it easier for you to filter subset of children based on the tags they are assigned to.

Using tags in Cheqdin App - (Bulk Sign In-Out)


Sign in Children as per the tags (or groups) they are assigned to. For example, an after-school club can tag children based on the school children attend so that they can be quickly signed in or out. You can also use the tags option for digital attendance in both the Cheqdin app (Centre login) and Notebook app (staff login).  

Using Tags in Notebook App (Posting Photos & Videos in Timeline)

When sharing photos/videos with parents or carers on the Notebook app, click on the 'Tag' tab to apply filters. This helps you quickly find children and send photos/videos only to those grouped within the tag filters. You can choose to send it to all in the group or select individually.   

Using Tags in Notebook App (Posting Daily Diaries)

You can filter by tags when posting daily diaries via the notebook app. 

Filtering by Tags in Children’s Register

In the 'Children's Register', you can quickly filter and view children on the screen by typing in a previously created/allocated tag name. 

Important note: If you haven't created or assigned any tag(s), you won't see it on any of the tag filter search results. 

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