Different ways to enrol students | Option B: Using the Students Register

Modified on Wed, 14 Feb 2024 at 04:07 PM

With Cheqdin, there are three ways in which you can enrol children into the system. 

Option A        : Submissions through CheqForm - Using your Registration Forms 

Option B       : Submissions through the Students Register 

Option C        : Submissions through CheqBook - Using your Bookings Link

In this article, we'll explore Option B: Using Students Register

You can choose to use the students register to update or add students directly to the register rather than using the registration forms or online booking links. Please note that this would be a manual method of entering information into the students register.

When entering information manually into the Students Register, you can add them individually or opt for our 'Bulk Upload' option (only available to annual plan customers). 

Adding students 'Individually' through your dashboard:

1. Click on 'Centre Settings'.

2. Go to 'Students'.

4. Click on the '+ Add Student' icon to add each student's details.

5. Select 'Enrol' if you know the room in which the student needs to be enrolled, or else select the status 'Prospect' (if you don't have more detailed information yet about the student).

5. Save and repeat as required.

How to Sync children's details from the registration dashboard to the Students Register?

Once you start using our online registration platform, all the student's and parents' details will be automatically synced to your register when they finish their enrolment process. 

So, if a student who was on the waiting list is offered a place, just remember to go to your Registration dashboard and update the status of the child to 'Enrolled'. We will automatically pull out the details from the forms and update them in your Student's register.

Select the Tentative start date and room and click on Confirm Changes to sync the student to the student's registration.

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