With Cheqdin, there are three ways in which you can enrol children into the system. 

Option A        : Submissions through CheqForm - Using your custom registrations link 

Option B       : Submissions through the Children's register 

Option C        : Submissions through CheqBook - Using your custom bookings link 

In this article, we'll explore Option B: Using Children's Register

You can choose to use the children's register to update or add children directly into the register rather than using the online registrations link or online booking form. Please note that this would be a manual method of entering information into the children's register.  

When entering information manually into the Children's Register, you can add them individually or via our 'Bulk Upload' option. 

Adding children 'Individually' through your dashboard:

1. Go to 'My Dashboard'

2. Click on 'Centre Settings'

3. Go to 'Children's Register'

4. Click on the '+' Add Child icon to enter details

5. Save and Repeat.

Adding children through 'Bulk Upload':

1. Click on the 'Bulk Upload: Children' icon

2. Download the CSV template using the link provided and follow instructions

3. Copy or type the data into the template as directed

4. Save the file and cross-check details

5. Click on 'Choose File' to select the file from its saved location

6. Click 'Upload'

Auto-Sync children's details from children's register to your Online Registrations Platform:

To invite parents or carers to Cheqdin, head to the 'Centre Settings', Parent Access Control' and trigger welcome emails. The parent will receive an email containing their login credentials to access Cheqdin. In the email received by the parent, they can click on the 'Login as Parent' button, enter the credentials found in the email to access the online parents' web portal. Parents can use the same login credentials to access Cheqdin's mobile apps.  

Parents or carers would be able to edit registrations and/or bookings only if you have configured this option in Cheqdin.