How to ensure that users receive all emails from Cheqdin - Adding Cheqdin to Safe Senders List

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Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or email client may be using filters to block email, and this may be affecting the receipt of email from Cheqdin. If you believe this is happening, please consult the help section related to your email client below or contact your ISP or IT administrator directly to see how to relax or remove the settings that filter or block email. This will ensure that correspondence from Cheqdin will be accepted.

What email addresses are used by Cheqdin?

Cheqdin sends email to users from the following email addresses:


  1. no-reply@cheqdin.com and notifications@cheqdin.com - System-generated email, replies to this email are NOT monitored and are used soley for the purpose of sending automated emails. For example, when a childcare centre sends a newsletter via parent communication or issues invoices to parents, all such emails go from this email address. If a parent or carer replies to an email from this email address you will not receive it as it is a no reply email address. By default, your centres registered email address will be provided in all correspondence which parents can use to communicate with your centre.   
  2. support@cheqdin.com - Used by our customer support team for support tickets
  3. hello@cheqdin.com - Used by Cheqdin for newsletters and other marketing content 

To ensure that you receive emails from Cheqdin, please add the above-listed emails to your contacts or safe senders list so that emails from us are delivered straight to your inbox and does not get caught up in the junk, spam or deleted items folders. 

Emails from Cheqdin are not getting delivered to parents/ carers - What could be causing this? 

Cheqdin uses enterprise-level email delivery systems, however, due to the nature of email mailbox management and settings, mailboxes can be customised by users and some emails can go undelivered or get caught up in the junk or spam folders of recepients due to their individual settings. Such settings or filters are outside the control of Cheqdin and we are unfortunatley not able to change such settings or filters; you can however ask the user to add our emails to their contacts or safe senders list or mark our emails as not junk to ensure that they receive emails from Cheqdin.  

How can I ensure that emails get delivered to parents/ carers? 

To ensure email delivery, you'll need to:

  1. Ensure that the email address of the parent/carer you have on record is the correct email address. Often email addresses are misspelt, and email bounces off due to an email address being incorrect. 
  2. Ask the parent/ carer to check their junk, spam or deleted items folder just in case our email got caught there. 
  3. Request the parent/ carer who is having difficulty receiving emails to add our email addresses to their contacts list and safe senders list. 
  4. If everything else fails, request the parent/ carer to use an alternate email address. For example, if they use a work-related email address, emails could be getting blocked due to strict email filtering for external email set up by their IT administrator or IT department. In such instances, we recommend users to use their personal email addresses instead of work-related email. 

If you continue to face email delivery issues, please raise a support ticket providing as much detail as possible to support@cheqdin.com

Here's a list of popular email clients and how to add sender to contacts/ safe senders list

If you are using Microsoft 365 or 

MS Office 365

There are times when you don't want messages from a specific person or domain to end up in your Junk Email folder. Messages from addresses or domains on the safe senders list won't get moved to your Junk Email folder.

  1. At the top of the page, select Settings Settings > View all Outlook settings.

  2. Select Mail > Junk email.

  3. Under Safe senders, enter the email address or domain you want to add, and select Add.

  4. Select Save.

If you are using Apple Mail

  1. On the toolbar at the top, click on the ‘Mail’ icon.
  2. From the dropdown menu select ‘Preferences’, then click ‘Junk Mail’.
  3. In the ‘Junk Mail’ pane, under the ‘exempt from junk mail filtering’ section, ensure ‘sender of message is in my contacts’ is checked.
  4. Open the email message.
  5. Click the dropdown menu on the sender details.

If you are using Yahoo

  1. Open the email message.
  2. Click on the ‘Action’ dropdown menu.
  3. Click on ‘Add sender to contacts’.
  4. The name and email address from email are pre-populated in the Add Contact pop-up. Verify that the information in these fields is correct.
  5. Click ‘Save’.

If you are using GoogleMail / GMail

  1. Open the email.
  2. Click on the ‘More‘ in the dropdown menu next to the reply button.
  3. Click on ’Add Sender to Contact List’.

If you are using Windows Live / Outlook / Hotmail

  1. Click on the 'Settings' icon.
  2. Click on 'Options'.
  3. Click on 'Safe and blocked senders'.
  4. Go on 'Safe Senders' and add our domain (@cheqdin.com) to the list.

If you are using MS Outlook 2010

  1. Open the email message.
  2. From the dropdown menu select 'Junk'.
  3. Select 'Never block sender'.
  4. If prompted to confirm, click 'OK'.

If you are using MS Outlook 2007

  1. Open the email message.
  2. On the toolbar at the top, click on ’Safe Lists‘, then on ’Add Sender's Domain (@cheqdin.com) to Safe Senders List’.

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