How to set up adhoc sessions?

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Many childcare centres accept both regular and adhoc sessions. This is done when a child would attend regular (contracted) sessions as well as have adhoc (random) sessions at your centre. If you wish to keep a tab on the extra adhoc sessions that a child attends, then you'd need to set up adhoc sessions as a product for your centre. In this article, we will provide you with the steps on how you can set up adhoc sessions: 

1. Setup adhoc sessions

To set up adhoc sessions, go to Centre settings > Financial Year > Products. Click on the '+' icon to add a new product. In the session type, make sure you've select 'Adhoc (Online)' or ' Both (Online & Offline)'.   

  •     Define the calendar by clicking and dragging the days the sessions would be available.

2. Update ad hoc session prices

Once you've added adhoc sessions as a product, you'll need to update the prices for the adhoc sessions. Go to Centre settings > Financial Year > Products > Pricing

3. Accepting ad-hoc bookings: 

There are three ways in which you can accept adhoc bookings at your centre: 

(a) Parents book the Adhoc sessions - Online Bookings ONLY 

(b) Centre can book the sessions

(c) Parents and centres can book Adhoc sessions 

 Option A) Parents book the Adhoc sessions - Online Bookings ONLY 

Once you have added Adhoc sessions as a product, you need to set up the custom online bookings link for your centre if you wish to have parents book sessions themselves online as per your centre's calendar availability. 

Please refer to below article on how to set up your custom online bookings link:  

How do I set up Online Bookings or Ad hoc bookings for my centre?

Option B) Centre can book the adhoc sessions 

Here's how you (Centre) can add ad-hoc sessions for a child: 

  • Go to Bookings > Online/ Adhoc Booking Dashboard and click on add booking '+' icon

  • Update the details of the ad-hoc sessions the child would attend

  • Once added, the session details will be available in the online/ adhoc booking dashboard. You have the option to invoice (if the invoice later option is enabled)  or cancel the booking. 

Option C) Parents and Centre can book Adhoc sessions  

You can have both options A and B work together in tandem if you wish to have adhoc sessions using both booking methods i.e., both centre staff and parents can book in adhoc sessions.  

4. Booking details - Adhoc bookings: 

All session details whether regular (contract) or adhoc will be displayed in the booking details calendar of the child. To view the booking details of a child, go to Centre Settings > Booking Details.  

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