Rules Based Invoicing : Set up a rule in 3 simple steps

Modified on Thu, 06 Oct 2022 at 10:54 AM

Creating and defining an invoicing rule is quite simple. Here's how: 

Step 1: Create Invoice Rule

Go to 'Billing' > Rules-Based Invoicing > Invoice Rules > Add Invoice Rule

Update the fields. Start by giving the rule that you are defining an easily identifiable name, followed by entering the due after, billing start/end period. 

Click on 'Add Rule' to add Sessions, Discounts or define a custom field. 


Step 2: Select Children

Select the children that you wish to apply the rule to. Use the 'Select All' option to quickly select and apply the rule to all children shown on the screen. 

To select all the children at your centre, click the 'Show All' button and then 'Select All'. You can also deselect children by unchecking the box next to their profile.  


Step 3: Confirm Invoice Rule

Here you can preview the rules you defined. Make sure you do a quick re-check of all the details you entered.

When you click on 'Generate Invoices', all invoices will be processed and saved to your 'Drafts' folder. You can review the invoices before sending them to the bill payer(s). 

Check the 'tick box' if you wish to save the rule as a template or use the same rule again. 

You will see the following confirmation once the invoices are ready and saved in your 'Drafts'.

Viewing and Reviewing Drafts:

To view your invoices in the 'Drafts' folder, head to Billing > DraftsYou can also edit invoices individually by clicking on the 'Action' button. 

Sending Invoices to Bill Payers: 

Use the 'Batch Action' button to send all invoices. Please perform this step only once you have reviewed all invoices. 


All invoices saved in the drafts section require your approval prior to sending the final invoice(s). If you don't need any changes on the draft invoices, use the 'Batch Send' and 'Batch Approve' options in 'Drafts' to send them out to your customers. 

How do I run a saved rule again? 

When it's time for your next billing cycle, simply go back to the rule you created, update the date, range and values for the new billing period, and run the rule again. Go to 'Billing' > 'Invoicing Rule' > 'Saved Rules'.



How do I view all previously run or processed rules? 

Head to the 'Rule Logs' tab under 'Billing' and view your activity in the 'Bill Runs' section.  

Here you can also 'Add or Remove Children' from previously assigned rules, and quickly view and manage any de-activated rules. 



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