With Cheqdin's billing dashboard you can effortlessly have a quick glance at your financial transactions all in one go.  This is the one-stop shop where you can access everything that is happening at your centre with regards to your invoices, payments and outstanding or overdue amounts.


Quickly understand the total of all invoices that are past the invoice due date. Know exactly how much money is owed to your centre. 


Total Outstanding

In other words,  this is the total opening balance of a customer or the amount that's unpaid.



If you see an amount in drafts, it means that you are yet to take action on those invoices and they have not yet been approved or sent to your customer. In simpler terms, it is the total amount that you haven't billed yet. In an ideal world, the 'drafts total' should be zero i.e., all invoices are approved and sent to customers for payment.