Offline payment methods are payments received by Cash, Cheque, Bank or Wire transfer. These modes of payments are classified as offline payment methods because Cheqdin's billing and invoicing system do not receive payment or transaction updates in real-time. Hence, the term offline is used. However, you can still manually pass entries for any payments that you receive this way. 


Here's how you can receive offline payment and pass a corresponding entry into the system:

  • Head to 'Billing' > 'Dashboard' > Click on the three blue dots  on the right-hand side corner of the respective child that you want to receive payment for. 
  • Select 'Recieve Payment' option.



  • Select the applicable payment method from the options and update the entry with relevant details as necessary. 



  • Once the payment details are updated, all subsequent information related to the payment will be available in the 'All transactions' tab.



  • The payment status for the invoice will be updated.