Reasons why your subscription payment failed

Modified on Wed, 14 Jul 2021 at 07:44 PM

In some cases, payment with a credit or debit card might fail. A failed payment means that you have tried to pay for a Cheqdin subscription or we have tried to charge your card (for automatic recurring Cheqdin subscriptions) and the payment was not successful. 

The most common errors for failed payments are:


  1. Transaction blocked error
  2. Card declined error
  3. Insufficient funds error
  4. Card expired error
  5. Incorrect card number error
  6. Processing error
  7. Card reported as lost

Credit, debit or pre-paid cards are connected to bank accounts. When a payment with a card is not successful, nothing is withdrawn from your bank account. Instead, your bank returns an error code - also called a decline code - which gives more information about the failed charge attempt. 

Failed payments can happen for a variety of reasons. Banks have many security systems in place that evaluate all payment attempts. The criteria that banks use to evaluate payments change constantly. A card that was successful before may fail due to banks' overzealous and ever-changing security checks. Please contact your bank or card issuer to find out more about why your payment was declined.  

For subscriptions, Cheqdin will automatically retry the charge a few times via our secure payments provider Stripe. If we don't succeed at renewing your Cheqdin subscription payment, it will be put 'on hold' and/or paused (limited or no access). 

Read more about our Policy for unpaid subscription periods: 

Policy for unpaid subscription periods

If you're looking to simply update your payment card details, see the help article: 

How to change my payment card details?

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