Before you can start using the Notebook app, you'll have to complete some settings in your account. This article will walk you through the settings you need to complete to start using the Notebook app.

If you skip or do not complete any of these settings, you won't be able to use the app. 

Step 1:  Member Access Control


Verify that you have created a 'staff' login in member access control. Ensure that the user has 'App Access Only' or 'Full Access' or 'Operational access'. You can view the access assigned to a user under the tab 'Access Modules'. 


Step 2:  Create and Assign Rooms/Class

Verify that you have created a room/class and granted the staff (who'll be using the notebook app) access to the room. Please note that If you haven't assigned a room/class to a user, they won't be able to access that room or class.  

To assign staff access to a room or class, click on the ellipsis '...' button under the action tab. Click on 'Edit', go to Staff and select the staff name from the drop-down list to assign the room/class. Click on 'Update' to save the changes. 

Step 3: Children's Register

Ensure you have added children's records to the Children's Register. If you haven't added any children to your register yet, there are multiple ways you can add children. This topic is covered in-depth in the articles (click to open the link): 

Different ways to enrol children | Option A: Using Registrations Link

Different ways to enrol children | Option B: Using Children's Register

Different ways to enrol children | Option C: Using Bookings Link

Step 4: Booking Details

Update 'Days Bookable' in the booking details for the children. For more information on days bookable, see the article: 

Days Bookable: Verify these settings to book a child into a session in booking details

Step 5: Send Staff App Login Credentials

Trigger an email containing login credentials to your staff email address or shared email address. Remember that you can provide individual or group access, this is entirely your choice. If required, you can set up just one email for your centre/setting to use, for instance, an email/access for which can be used by all staff.  The email will include account login information such as and the secure PIN.

Step 6: Download Notebook App

After you have completed the above-listed settings, head to the app store and search for 'Notebook by Cheqdin'


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Once you've downloaded the app, open the app and choose 'Centre Login' > 'I'm a staff

Enter the email address and password (the one that you generated in step 5) to log in to the mobile app.You're now all set to enjoy the notebook app and explore all features!