Centre Settings - How to set up staff members and send staff login details?

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With Cheqdin, you can easily add information about your staff and other team members, such as your accountant, and provide them with the necessary access to your Cheqdin account. You have the flexibility to determine the level of access each member should have.

To set up staff members:

1. Go to 'Centre Settings'.

2. Click on 'Staff'.

3. Click on the '+ Add Staff' icon to add your team members.

4. To give your team members the necessary permissions based on their role, simply select an option from the 'Access Modules' drop-down list. With full access, they'll have access to everything without any restrictions. If you want to grant them access to everything except billing and invoicing, select the Operational Access option. If you only want to allow access to billing details, such as for an accountant, then choose Billing & Payments Access. Alternatively, if you only want to give your team member access to the mobile apps, but not the web portal, then you can just select the App Access option. For example, see the screen below: 

5. If you have already created a room/class, you can assign it to the staff member here. If you haven't set up a room/class yet, you can go ahead and do this later. For example, see the screen below: 

6. Click 'Save'.

We recommend you send the login details to your team only after you complete your centre set-up.

Option 1: Send logins individually

1. Go to 'Centre Settings' > 'Staff'

2. Search for the staff name using the search box.

3. Click on the 'Send Login Details'. This will send an email to the staff's registered email address. They can activate their account and set a password by clicking the link in the email.

Option 2: Send staff logins in bulk

1. Go to 'Centre Settings' > 'Staff

2. Check the box on the top left corner to select all staff from the list displayed.  

3. Click on the 'Send Login Details' button on the top right. 

4. Click the 'Confirm' button. Emails will be sent to staff. They can activate their account and set a password by clicking the link in their email.

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