Late Tracking for Flexi Sessions - How to enable late tracking invoicing?

Modified on Fri, 07 Oct 2022 at 12:20 PM

If you have set up Flexi Sessions for your customers, you will be able to invoice the parents/customers for late tracking. Please see the article here for full details regarding What is a Flexi Session if you don’t already know.

Late Tracking can be enabled if you wish for your customers to be charged a late fee if they have not collected their child at the scheduled end of their flexi session. 

You can enter a buffer time and the price per minute you wish to charge for collecting late. The buffer time is to give your customers a certain number of extra minutes before the late tracking counter and charge start. 

For example, if the session ends at 6 pm, but you don’t wish to charge straight away to give them time to collect the child, you can set a buffer time before charging. In this instance, the buffer time is set as 10 minutes, which means if the session ends at 6:00 pm, they won’t be charged until after 6:10 pm.

You can also set the price per minute you wish to charge for late pickup. In the above instance, the price per minute would be set as 0.5 pound sterling per minute. The system will automatically apply the currency that you have enabled for your account.  

Once the child is signed out, a draft late tracking invoice will be auto-generated and made available in the invoice drafts section to view. You can edit, send or reject the draft invoice.

Please note automatic late tracking invoice generation can only be enabled for product type 'Flexi Time Slots'. Automatic late tracking invoices will not be generated for Predefined, Regular or Adhoc sessions. If you wish to invoice parents for late tracking for those, you can manually create a one-off invoice to charge any extras or add the amount to their invoice. 

As always, if you have any questions, reach out to your Account Manager or support team at support@cheqdin.com.

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