Now that you've instructed the system about the 'products' you offer and the days you operate in a year, it's time to update your bookings calendar.


Remember to keep all the children’s session details handy before you begin.

Option 1: Add the booking details of each child individually

1. Go to 'Centre Settings'.

2. Click 'Booking Details. 

3. Click on the name of each child.

4. Select Financial year, term time and sessions

5. Click and drag to select by day or date. The selected dates will be highlighted in red.

6. Click 'Save'. 

7. Repeat the steps if the child is booked in for other sessions as well (e.g. PM or FD).

8. You will find the booked dates colour-coded and highlighted in the calendar for your easy reference, once the sessions are saved.

9. Repeat the steps for each child in your register.

We will pull out the booking details from this calendar and auto-fill the sign-in sheets on your Cheqdin app every day.