The Green/Red dot next to a child's name indicates the sign-in/out status of the child.

Cheqdin's Children’s Register helps you keep track of all the important information about the children enrolled at your centre - from one place.

You can quickly access the register from your mobile app or web portal to view a child's details or emergency contacts.

Some of the other useful information you'll find in the Children's Register are:

  • The child's full name
  • Profile picture
  • Parent's name and address
  • Email addresses
  • Contact numbers
  • Room/Class
  • Date of birth 
  • Sex
  • Allergens (if any), Severity
  • Other medical conditions if any 
  • Special needs (if any) 

This feature also comes in handy if there's an inspection from the regulatory authorities, as you have all the important information consolidated in one place. You can also export the register in a pdf or excel format for safe-keeping/ filing and apply filters to search to access details quickly.

Whenever the status of a registration form is changed to 'enrolled' or the online booking submitted by a new customer is confirmed, the child's data will be automatically pushed to your 'Children's Register.'