All submitted forms will be in 'locked' status by default, to prevent parents from making any further changes to the registration forms. If you want the parents to update the forms or make any changes, you can unlock the form and invite them to edit it. 

To unlock the registration form for a parent:  

1. Select the child's name.

2. Click on the symbol for batch action.

3. Click 'Unlock Form'.

4. Press Unlock and Autosend Email.

This will trigger an automated email to the parent requesting them to review and resubmit the application. They will see the status of the form as 'Pending Resubmission'.

What happens when they re-submit the form?

Once a parent resubmits the form, the status on your dashboard will change to 'Pending Review' until you approve the form. 

If you have more than one form for review, you can save time by doing a batch approve/decline. But make sure you do a quick eyeball check before you make the approvals.

Any form that is declined will revert to its previous status. For example, if you declined a form with an 'enrolled status', it will go back to 'waitlisted'.

To lock the re-submitted forms:  

1. Go to Registration Dashboard.

2. Search for the child's name using the search box or filter.

3. Select the child's name.

4. Click on the symbol for 'batch action'.

5. Click 'Lock Form.'

6. Press 'Lock Now' on the popup screen.