You will receive email notifications from Cheqdin on a real-time basis each time a registration application is submitted. Email notifications are registration and application alerts that you receive via email to your registered email address.

All registration notifications will be system-generated and will come from the email address - 

If you have more than one registration form, you can have a different email address associated with each registration form. For example, you can have one email address for your school registration form and another email address for your out of school club form. Unless you assign a different email address for each registration form, by default, all email notifications from Cheqdin are sent to your registered (account) email address provided at sign up. 

You will receive an email notification from us:

1. Every time you get a new registration request (a new application is submitted).

2. Every time you have an unread message from parents and carers.

3. Every time you receive a new booking request.

4. Other service or account alerts and messages