Your registration form should be in 'published' status to share your link on social media. 

We recommend that you review and check your registration form before you publish your registration link on your social media accounts and other platforms. This is to avoid your customers viewing any incorrect or incomplete information on your form. Some of these checks could include - Checking your custom fields, your email address and description on the form, your terms and conditions etc. If you have published it already, you can unpublish it and make changes if required. 

To share your registration form on social media:

1. Go to 'Registrations' > 'Registration Forms' > Click on your form 

2. Go to Step 3 - Share Form 

3. Click on any of the provided social media platform icons 

4. You'll be re-directed to each social media website

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to publish your registration form link. 

For details on how to add your link to different social media handles, see articles: 

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