Different ways to enrol students | Option A: Using Registration Forms

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With Cheqdin, there are three ways in which you can enrol children into the system. 

Option A    : Submissions through CheqForm - Using your custom registration forms

Option B    : Submissions through the Students Register 

Option C    : Submissions through CheqBook - Using your online bookings link

In this article, we'll explore Option A: Using Registration Forms 

CheqForm (Cheqdin Registrations Form) is a lead generation tool that facilitates childcare centres to accept new registrations online and manage their pipeline more efficiently. When a parent submits a new registration, they will get access to the parent's web portal, which is linked to your centre. Through this portal, parents can communicate with your centre.

It's important to note that registrations work independently from the bookings platform. Once you receive a registration, you can either update bookings directly from the schedule/rota or use our online bookings link to enable parents to book online for ad hoc bookings.

If you don't want online bookings to be available to your parents or carers, you can skip setting up online bookings altogether. 

For more information on setting up and customising your registration form, see the help article: 

How to customise my Online Registration Form - CheqForm?

Online Registration and Parent Access

  • Make sure your custom registration form (CheqForm) is in 'Published' status.
  • Share your CheqForm link with parents and request them to submit registrations online using the registrations link.

To share your registration link, you can use our quick share options like Email, Facebook, Twitter, Text messages etc to share the link. 

  • When a parent submits a registration form using your registration form link, the system will automatically send login details to the email address the parent provided during registration.
  • In the email received by the parent, they can click on the 'Login as Parent' button, and enter the credentials found in the email to access the online parents' web portal. Parents can use the same login credentials to access Cheqdin's mobile apps.  
  • The centre will receive a notification email when a parent submits a registration form. These details will also show up on your 'Registrations Dashboard'. 

Enrolling the Student 

The centre can enrol the student by clicking on the 'New' status under the 'Current Status' menu and selecting 'Enrolled'. 

Enter any details or notes, if any. Click on 'Confirm Changes' to save the changes. This will update the students' status to 'Enrolled', and the record will be pushed into the 'Students Register' and 'Schedule/Rota'.

Updating Schedule / Rota

  • On the web portal, go to 'Centre Settings' > 'Schedule/Rota' 
  • Select a student record (click on the student name) to update their schedule

To learn more, see How to Update Contract or Offline Bookings

How to sync student's details from the student's register to the registration dashboard?

You can sync student's details to your registrations dashboard only if you have created a registration form and it is in published status.

See example below: 

Student Lilly is enrolled directly from the student register.

In our example, once the student Lilly is in 'enrolled' status and the status of the registration form is 'published', an application for the student Lilly is auto-synced by the system.

The centre can now unlock the application like below (so that parents can review and update all details in the application form generated for Lilly) 


Edit the enrolment form of the student by clicking on the action button and clicking on the 'edit enrolment' option to update the details of the application form.

To invite parents or carers to Cheqdin, head to the 'Centre Settings' > 'Parent Communication' > 'Parent Access Control' and trigger welcome emails. The parent will receive an email containing their login credentials to access Cheqdin. In the email received by the parent, they can click on the 'Login as Parent' button, and enter their credentials to access the online parents' web portal. Parents can use the same login credentials to access Cheqdin's mobile apps.  

Parents or carers would be able to edit registrations and/or bookings only if you have configured this option in Cheqdin.

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