If you are looking to add multiple-choice fields to your registration form template, you can do this from the custom fields section. You can create a new registration form or simply edit an existing one.  

To add a custom field with Multiple Choice options:

1. Go to 'Registration Forms'

2. Click on the registration form that you wish to edit

3. Go to Section 5 - Other (Custom Fields) tab

4. Click on the '+ Add Field' button

5. In the field type, select the option 'Multiple Choice' from the dropdown list 

With the multiple-choice field type, you also have the option to allow one answer only or multiple answers are possible. Make a selection under the 'Type' on whether you want to permit one answer or multiple answers. 

Once you have entered the relevant details into the fields, click on 'Create Field' to save the changes.

Below is an example of a multiple-choice question where a parent/ carer can select the days which they would like their child to attend. Additionally, if required, you can also add instructions to your fields in the 'Statement' box. For example, you can provide a note that your setting runs morning sessions every day between 8 am - 11:45 am.