A terms and conditions agreement is not a legal requirement. However, having one comes with a number of important benefits to both you and your customers. Having your T&C's published with your registration forms will help your customers understand your rules, requirements and restrictions. 

It is best practice to include your full terms of service or T&C's in your registration forms to communicate clearly to your parents and carers what your terms of business are. This can include multiple things such as your service terms, cancellation and refunds policy, privacy policy, booking policy etc.

To update your Terms and conditions: 

  1. Go to 'Registration Forms'
  2. Click on the registration form you want to edit
  3. In the 'Step 1 - Create Form' section, slide to tab no. 7 - Terms of Service
  4. Click on View T&C's button
  5. Enter your terms and click on 'Save'. 

Whilst entering your terms and conditions, you can format the contents with our advanced content editor. Choose a font, style, colour etc as per your requirements. 

What your customers will see:

Once you have saved the changes and published your registration form, you can preview the form with your terms and conditions added. For example, below is a how a registration form with updated T&C's will look like to your customers. 

With CheqForm, we have also given you and your customer the added functionality to view the T&C's upfront - even before they start filling in or submit the form. This is particularly useful for parents and carers to know what your terms are before they sign up for your service. 

Below is an example of the expanded terms of service page after a customer clicks on the 'View T&C's' button on the registration form.

A contract (registration process in this example) cannot be valid or legally binding unless consent is given. Before submitting a registration form, a parent or carer must provide their consent and/or agreement to your terms of service. CheqForm helps you easily capture this along with a digital signature before the registration form is submitted.