Once you have created your registration form and designed your welcome & thank you pages, you're ready to set up an automatic online registration fee collection system for all registrations.

If you don't want to collect fees from your customers, set the option to 'No' (default) or skip this step to go to step 4 - Share Form.  

To collect registration fees:

 Go to Registrations > open or select your registration form > go to step 3 'Collect Fees' and:

1. Toggle collect fees option to 'Yes'

2. Enter the amount you'd like to collect for each registration

3. Enter a description for the fees

4. Set up your online payments account

5. Update your fee collection terms and conditions

6. Activate fee collection 

For more details on how to set up your PayPal account, see the article:

Registration Fee Collection: How to set up PayPal to collect fees online?

For more details on where to find PayPal API credentials, see the article: 

Where can I find my PayPal account API credentials?

Parents and carers can make payments online using any credit/ debit card or using their PayPal account. Please note that it is NOT mandatory for parents to have a PayPal account to make a payment, they can use a debit or credit card and the payment will arrive directly to your centre's PayPal account.   


If you select "Yes" to accept payments but do not switch on the "Activate Online Fee Collection" button to complete the set-up process, your fee collection page will not appear and parents won't be able to make a payment. 

To update registration fees terms and conditions use the editor to enter your content. You can make any changes to the default content according to your centre's policies and requirements. 

Here's an example of how a registration form with payments activated looks like. Your customers can view your terms and conditions, fee payment required etc upfront even before they start filling in the registration form. 

Once you've enabled the collect fees option, here's how the 'Pay Fees' section will appear under the 8th tab of your online registration form:

Below is an example of what the final step of the registration process will look like for parents and carers:

When the user clicks on the 'Pay Now' button, they'll be taken to the payment details screen to enter their debit or credit card details or log in to their existing PayPal account to make the payment. After the payment is made, both the centre and parent will receive an email confirming the registration and fee payment. 

For the registration forms that you've received a payment, it will appear on your online registrations dashboard as shown in the example below: 

Need help setting up PayPal Payments?

Contact us on live chat, create a new ticket or email support@cheqdin.com