Most of the transactions that happen in Cheqdin are automated, however, there are also manual transactions. We understand that you need to be in control of every single transaction, whether it is automated or manual. This is precisely the value proposition that our 'All transactions' section provides you. Get a summary of every single transaction in one place! 

The 'All transactions' summary captures the following: 

  • Sent Invoices 
  • Payment transactions 
  • Cancelled Invoices 
  • Credit Adjustments 
  • Debit Adjustments 

Downloading Statements

To give you even more flexibility and control over transactions, you can run statements for the desired period for all children or individuals and download these statements.  

To export or download statements:

Go to > 'Billing' > 'All Transactions' > Select the date range for which you wish to export data > Click on 'Search' > Click 'Export' to download your file.