Parent's Portal Dashboard - WebPortal

The parent's dashboard allows parents to manage their child's registrations, bookings payments and access the Notebook messenger from their web portal. 

Cheqdin App

Parents can do the following from their Cheqdin app dashboard:

  • Use a secure four-digit PIN for signing in and signing out children.

  • Access multiple profiles with the same log-in. With Cheqdin's app parents can manage multiple children's profiles in the same or different childcare centres. This makes it convenient for parents with more than one child whether they are attending the same childcare centre or a different setting using Cheqdin. 

  • Add guardians at the touch of a button - Parents can nominate guardians to pick up or drop off their child by authorising a guardian via the Cheqdin app. To add a guardian, please refer to this help article: How to add a guardian or carer for sign in-out?

  • View attendance history of their children.

Notebook App

With the Notebook app, parents can:

  • View photos and videos on their timeline
  • Chat with centre staff using the messenger
  • View daily diaries and reports published by the centre
  • Respond and comment on posts shared by the centre staff