All submitted registration forms will be in 'locked' status, by default. This means only you (the centre) can edit and update the form unless you unlock it for the customer and invite them to edit it online.

How can you edit the registration form from the dashboard?

1. Go to the Registration Dashboard.

2. Search for the child's name using the search box.

3. Click on the three dots in the 'Action' column.

4. Select 'Edit Enrolment' from the popup and make the changes.

How do you invite a parent to edit their submitted form? 

1. Select the child's name.

2. Click on the symbol for batch action.

3. Click 'Unlock Form'.

4. Press 'Unlock and Autosend Email'.

Unlocking the form will trigger an automated email to the parent requesting them to review and resubmit the application. They will see the status as 'Pending Resubmission'. Once the form is resubmitted, the status on your dashboard will change to ‘Pending Review’ till you approve the form.