As a parent or carer, you can add (authorise) a guardian to pick up or drop off your child at the childcare centre. Do can add a guardian using the Cheqdin mobile app (Parents Login). 

It is important to note that only a parent or carer can add a responsible adult as a child's guardian. Any guardian assigned and authorised by a parent must be 18 years of age or older. 

The parent can add a guardian and assign a name. For example, Grandmom - Elizabeth. 

Adding a guardian:

  • Login to the Cheqdin app - Parents Login
  • Click on '+ Guardians' located in the bottom menu
  • Enter the details and save
  • The parent can now share the PIN Number with the guardian

When the guardian arrives at the centre, they can simply enter their PIN number shared by the parent and select the Guardian option and they will be able to see their name (entered by the parent or carer). The guardian can then perform sign in or sign out for the child(ren). When a guardian does sign in or out, the centre admin or manager will be able to see the details in the check in-out report accordingly.