In this article, we'll show you how to cancel an entire booking that is in an unpaid status. This scenario applies if you are only looking to cancel all bookings made by a parent or carer under a single booking ID. For cancelling an individual booking, refer to the cancel individual booking article.

It is important to note that Cheqdin does not allow parents and carers to cancel bookings online. This is because each business operates different cancellation policies and most if not all businesses want to control cancellations to better manage business resources. Any parent or carer looking to cancel bookings will have to contact you (the centre admin or manager) to make cancellations, even if they booked online.

Here's how you can cancel an entire booking:

1. Go to the 'Online Booking' dashboard.

2. Select the relevant booking to cancel.

3. Click on the ellipsis button (...)

4. Select the 'Cancel Entire Booking' option

Once you click on 'Cancel entire booking' you'll see a pop-up confirmation screen like the one shown below. To cancel all bookings made under the booking ID, click 'Cancel Booking'. 


You cannot undo the cancellation of an entire booking. For example, if you cancelled all 10 sessions booked by a parent under a single booking ID then you cannot restore that cancelled booking. The parent or centre admin will have to rebook all 10 sessions, again.  

What happens when you cancel an entire booking? 

When you cancel an entire booking (all bookings under one booking ID), the system will:

  • Remove the booked day(s) from the respective child's booking register
  • Send an automatic email notification to the parent or carer and the centre admin
  • Automatically cancel any corresponding invoice
  • Display 'Cancelled' next to the booking ID