Cancelling Paid Bookings | How to cancel PAID online bookings?

Modified on Mon, 18 Dec 2023 at 05:11 PM

In this article, we'll show you how to cancel bookings that have been paid for or are in paid status. This scenario applies only if you are looking to cancel a booking made by a parent or carer and the invoice amount for that booking has been paid or settled by the parent.

It is important to note that Cheqdin does not allow parents and carers to cancel bookings online. This is because each business operates different cancellation policies and most if not all businesses want to control cancellations to better manage business resources. Any parent or carer looking to cancel bookings will have to contact you (the centre admin or manager) to make cancellations, even if they booked online.

Here's how you can cancel a booking in PAID status:

1. Go to the 'Online Booking' dashboard.

2. Select the relevant booking to cancel.

3. Click on the ellipsis button (...)

4. Select the 'Cancel Individual Bookings' option

Once you select 'Cancel Individual Bookings', you'll see a screen pop-up like the one shown below. Here you'll be able to view all bookings (booking list) under the displayed booking ID which starts in CQDBK...

Once you click on 'Cancel', you'll see a screen pop up like the one shown below with a final prompt to confirm if you wish to proceed with the cancellation. Click on 'Cancel Booking' to cancel. 

What happens when you cancel a paid-for booking? 

When you cancel an individual booking that has been paid for, the system will:

  • Free up the slot or cancel the session that was previously in booked status
  • Remove the booked day/session from the respective child's booking register
  • NOT refund the charges or fees collected
  • Send an automatic email notification to the parent or carer and the centre admin

If a refund has to be done, you will have to process a refund using the original payment method with which you were paid. For example, if the parent or carer paid you with a debit or credit card via Stripe; log in to your Stripe account and issue a refund. 

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