As a parent or carer, your access to Cheqdin's parents portal and mobile apps are administered and managed directly by your childcare centre.

Parents can be registered into the system in two ways(depending on the option selected by your centre): 

  1. Register Online via an online registration form link or online bookings link
  2. Register directly by the childcare centre (parents don't fill in any forms - the centre does this for you)

If you are new to Cheqdin and are looking to register or retrieve your login credentials to log in to your account or mobile apps, please contact your centre directly. Alternatively, if you're having trouble accessing your parent account, email


You can use the same email address and password to access both the parents portal and mobile apps. If you change your password, it will change for both.

Regardless of which registration option applies to your childcare centre, you will always receive your login credentials at your registered email address. 

The below screenshot is an example of the email a parent will receive along with their login credentials. Please do not share your login credentials with anyone.